Festive gunfire accident kills two wedding guests in N. Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA: A celebratory gunfire accident in Ethiopia’s northern Amhara regional state left two wedding guests dead, an Ethiopian official has confirmed.

Chief Police Inspector, Gonder locality police department in Amhara regional state, Mesafint Abay, said the deaths occurred on Sunday evening when a celebratory gunfire unleashed by one of the wedding guests accidentally hit two other guests, fatally injuring both.

Abay said police are currently on the manhunt for the suspect who escaped from the area soon after the deadly shooting incident.

Ethiopian law strictly controls ownership of firearms by civilians.

However, arms smuggling is relatively common in some parts of Ethiopia, with people using firearms as protection against blood feuds as well as a personal trophy.

Smuggled firearms have also been used by criminals to commit robbery and by various minor rebel groups to initiate armed struggle against the Ethiopian government.

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