Ethiopian security forces kill 5 members of a hit squad

ADDIS ABABA: Security forces in Ethiopia’s Oromia regional state have killed five members of a hit squad, an Ethiopian official said on Saturday.

Girma Abdisa, Chief of Oromia region special police forces, said the five individuals were killed during a shootout with security forces in Nekemte town in western Oromia on Friday.

Girma said two grenades, three guns, several gun silencers and military uniforms were discovered in the house the deceased were staying, reported state media outlet Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Girma commended the public for tipping the security forces of the home the hit squad was staying in and called on the public to continue the cooperation with the security forces.

The five deceased were alleged members of an ex-rebel group Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) breakaway faction.

In the past three years, dozens of lower and medium ranking officials in Oromia regional state have been assassinated, with the Ethiopian government blaming a breakaway faction of OLF for the attacks.

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