Concerted efforts urged to harness Ethiopia’s service sector to benefit burgeoning youth

ADDIS ABABA: January 21 (EI) — Ethiopian authorities have been urged to exert concerted efforts to harness the service sector’s potential in a bid to benefit the country’s ever-increasing employment demand.

The latest call was made by a local consultancy firm, R and D Group Ltd., as company officials called on the Ethiopian government to exploit the service sector as a vital imputes towards creating abundant employment opportunities to Ethiopia’s burgeoning youth population.

Ethiopia, a country regarded as Africa’s second populous nation with an estimated 107 million total population, has in recent years envisaged overcoming a mammoth socioeconomic challenge in its aspiration to create millions of jobs for its burgeoning youth populous, which is projected to cover about 70 percent of Ethiopia’s total population.

Ethiopia has already projected to provide at least 20million new jobs by 2025 taking into account of the current employment market demand where it is inducing 2 million new job seekers entering the market every year.

Wondweson Zewde, R and D Group co-founder and Managing partner, argued that unless the government is capitalizing more in the service sector, filling the void in relation to the expanding employment demand of job seekers only via the manufacturing, tourism and other sectors could not bring the expected result.

The consultancy firm said this while observing its 10th year anniversary late on Friday.

R and D group is a local consultancy firm with more than ten-year experience entered in the service sector an attempt of making difference in areas of talent development, entrepreneurship acceleration for business developers, and human resource outsourcing for foreign companies intending to invest in Ethiopia and other areas of engagement.

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