Disaster relief commission warns potential flooding impact on 1 mln people in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA: September 19 (EI) — Floods across various parts of Ethiopia could displace around one million people in the coming weeks, national disaster relief body warned on Thursday.

Debebe Zewdu, Communications Director at the Ethiopian National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC), said floods across various parts of the country in the coming days could displace up to one million people, reported state media outlet Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Debebe also said that NDRMC is working on rehabilitating ongoing cases of flood related humanitarian crises, within 72 hours of the disasters occur.

He further noted that NDRMC has already dispatched a team of experts to Ethiopia’s Afar regional state so as to help victims of recent flooding incident in some areas across the region.

In July, a joint Ethiopian government-UN report on Wednesday disclosed 1.3 million Ethiopians are currently vulnerable to flooding and drought conditions.  

According to the joint NDRMC-UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) report, some 1.3 million Ethiopians are vulnerable to the effects of flooding and drought conditions during the current rainy season, which is expected to last until mid- September.

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