Chinese company, partners donate educational kits to over 500 school children in Hawassa

ADDIS ABAB: August 17 (EI) — The Hawassa Industry Park on Saturday partnered with the Chinese construction giant, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), and other international companies operating inside the industry park to provide much-needed educational kits to more than 500 local children.

The donation, which was held inside the premises of Ethiopia’s Hawassa Industrial Park – located some 275-km south of the capital Addis Ababa on Saturday, equipped more than 500 financially unable school children with different educational materials ahead of the imminent Ethiopian academic year, slated for early next month.

Fitsum Ketema, General Manager of Hawassa Industry Park, told the Ethiopian Informer during the donation handover ceremony that the latest educational assistance is the continuation of previous similar charities to local children.

“The donation demonstrates a great gesture from all involved companies, which also positively compliments the huge emphasis we give to local community members,” Fitsum said.

“By providing these school children with the much-needed educational materials, they have also proved their strong commitment to closely cooperate and support these communities,” the General Manger added.

The Hawassa Industrial Park, which the Ethiopian government considers as its flagship industrial park in its ambition to transform the country as the manufacturing hub of the African continent by the year 2025, was built by CCECC and completed in just nine months period.

Shiferaw Solomon, Deputy CEO of the Ethiopian Industry Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), also urged the companies to exert concerted efforts in a bid to strengthen their commitments and support to local communities so as to positively influence their livelihood.

“Such contributions are part of your great engagement,” Solomon told the company representatives attending the donation event, adding “by working hand-in-hand with local communities, you are not just supporting them but also directly contributing to our country’s development.”

The donation on Saturday, which brought together CCECC and various other companies operating inside the premises of Hawassa Industry Park to provide educational materials to school children, mainly envisaged to support children’s whose families were relocated when construction works for the industry park commenced.

Song Wang, Project Manager of Hawassa Industry Park at the CCECC Ethiopia Construction Company Plc., also told the Ethiopian Informer that CCECC’s latest partnership with the Hawassa Industry Park and other international companies to assist local school children was accomplished in line with Ethiopia’s “One Pack for One Child” initiative.

Wang also emphasized CCECC’s aspiration towards supporting Ethiopian communities in different areas where the company engaged in its construction projects endevors.

“Our company’s community support initiatives, both in the education sector as well as across various areas, are part and parcel of our string commitment through our corporate responsibility platform,” Wang added.

According to Song, CCECC, in partnership with the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia as well as different other organizations, also provides other community support schemes targeting Ethiopians across the country.

CCECC, which also successfully finalized numerous flagship projects in Ethiopia including segment of the 756-km Ethiopia-Djibouti standard gauge railway, also actively supports various other community initiatives across diverse sectors, including sporting events as well as additional basic public services, he indicated.

The Hawassa industrial park, which was inaugurated back in July 2016, presently hosts 21 world-renowned companies that are mainly engaged in the textile and garment sector, eventually helping local communities with abundant job opportunities, Fitsum told the Ethiopian Informer on Saturday.

According to Fitsum, the industry park has created more than 27,000 direct job opportunities, in addition to numerous other indirect job and economic advantages for members of the local community.

Fitsum further stressed that the number of direct jobs would soon hit close to 60,000 as investors presently intensify their efforts in installing manufacturing machinery and technologies in the remaining factory sheds.

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