Ethiopia suspends football league amid recurrent violence

ADDIS ABABA: June 5 (Ethiopian Informer) – The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) on Wednesday announced that it has suspended the Ethiopian Premier League football matches for the foreseeable future.

The EFF, noting that the Ethiopian premier league matches have in recent weeks been scenes of violent crowd troubles that, in some occasions, left some players and football fans injured, said that the remaining premier league matches are suspended for an indefinite period.

It also said that discussion among representatives of the 20 football clubs that are contesting under Ethiopia’s major football tournament and other stakeholders will be held to find lasting solutions to recent crowd troubles at football matches.

The EFF stressed that “football matches will not be played until sustainable solution is reached to hold tournament in a proper conduct.”

The decision to suspend the Ethiopian premier league is an unprecedented move, which came amid heightened ethnic tensions among fans of the various football teams in recent years.

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