Ethiopia to name newly discovered astronomical finding

ADDIS ABABA: May 22 (Ethiopian Informer) – The Ethiopian government on Wednesday disclosed a decision by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) giving Ethiopia opportunity to name a newly discovered astronomical object.

According to the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office, ITU’s decision concerning the naming of a newly discovered “giant astronomical object,” which is so far known in its code – HD 16175 and HD 16175 B – followed the “Ethiopian government’s recent reform process that embraced various commendable changes.”

Following ITU’s decision, the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s Office also granted Ethiopians a chance to participate in naming the latest astronomical finding through a hotline number 920.

HD 16175 is a 7th magnitude G-type star with temperature about 6000 K located approximately 196 light-years away in the Andromeda constellation.

The decision from ITU came as Ethiopia recently joined the Union’s global membership list.

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